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World Class solutions to every Problem

The-IT-TEAM is a team of Business Consultants using experience and a variety of techniques to understand and analyse your business needs and requirements to find the best software solution for your company.

We always try to find the best solution for our clients through our innovative thinking and use of the best technologies.

We have 30+ years of experience in the information technology space and use this experience to your advantage.

Our Team

Meet the Management Team

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Emile Collins

Emile Collins has over 30 years of experience in the information systems industry and in the last 6 years as CEO of IT companies supplying software solutions to various industries. 

His formal education was completed at the University of South Africa in Information Technology. His career started as a programmer and functional specialist on maintenance management of aircraft for Paradigm Systems Technology, thereafter he was part of Fourier Approach as a shareholder for 20 years and eventually as CEO of Fourier IT Innovations and RQTech. 

His business philosophy is to build long term relationship with customers that will benefit all parties. He is currently part of The IT Team to manage, market and grow the business into a sustainable technology company.

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Ian Collins

Ian Collins has over 6 years of business consulting experience and has spent the last 3 years to grow his own software development company.

He studied at University of Pretoria where he completed his degree in Industrial Engineering. He then started his career at Fourier Approach as a business consultant, then worked for Setec developing discreet event simulation models. Thereafter he worked at Fourier-E where he managed and grew the simulation modelling team.

He then started his journey as an entrepreneur and started his own software development company, Reflexian. Reflexian has since merged into The IT Team. Currently he is focusing on growing the software development and ERP implementation departments of the business.

He is always happy to take on a challenge and never says no to an opportunity. He enjoys anything related to technology and envisions a future where The IT Team has multiple areas of expertise across industries.

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Jandri Vorster

Jandri Vorster has over 8 years of dedicated business consulting experience in various industries, including FMCG, BI, IT and various others.

He studied at University of Pretoria where he completed a degree in Industrial Engineering. He started his career at Lerumo doing ERP implementations, thereafter he joined Fourier Approach as a business consultant. He then joined MiX Telematics for a brief period and then worked at Fourier-E where he executed multiple projects both as project lead and manager.

He has a passion for all things technology and is especially interested in anything related to IOT. He is currently part of The IT Team to grow and expand the business and ensure that the company stays relevant in the technology market.